Exploring Downtown Los Angeles

The Sixth Street Bridge

The Sixth Street Viaduct and its vibrant urban culture caught unexpectedly.

As I set foot onto the Sixth Street Bridge, I couldn't help but contemplate its storied past. Originally erected in 1936, this architectural marvel stood as a symbol of Los Angeles' history for generations.

However, with time, the wear and tear of the concrete led to its eventual dismantling. Yet, even with the old bridge gone, its spirit lingered.

While exploring the new bridge, reopened in 2022, a fleet of motorcycles suddenly thundered across, performing daring wheelies against the backdrop of downtown LA.

It was a moment that encapsulated the bridge's transition from past to present, a perfect opportunity to capture the essence of this iconic structure through my lens.

This encounter reignited my passion for photography, inspiring a new project aimed at documenting the evolving landscape of Los Angeles.

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