Cars and Cofffee Classics

Cars and Coffee Classics

Cars and Coffee Classics has become more than just an event—it's an ongoing project. Held on the first Sunday of every month, it's a gathering that's gaining popularity. The focus is on capturing the essence of the community by showcasing the diverse individuals who attend. Each month, as the event grows, it provides fresh opportunities to document unique stories amidst the cars and camaraderie.

"Every car has a story to tell, and those that love them can hear it." – Unknown

Cars and Coffee: Where Cars and Community Meet

On the first Sunday of each month, Anaheim hosts Cars and Coffee—a gathering where car enthusiasts proudly display their vehicles and engage with visitors.

Owners stand beside their cars, ready to answer questions or chat with passersby. It's a diverse crowd, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds, making it surprisingly family-friendly.

Among the rows of cars, you'll find a mix of beauty, from the vehicles themselves to the people attending. It's a casual, enjoyable atmosphere, where conversations flow as freely as the admiration for the automobiles.

For me, Cars and Coffee isn't just an event—it's an ongoing project. I'm dedicated to capturing the essence of the people who attend, showcasing the diverse tapestry of individuals who make up this vibrant community. Each gathering presents new opportunities to explore and document the unique personalities and stories that unfold amidst the cars and camaraderie.

As the day draws to a close, I eagerly anticipate my next visit to Cars and Coffee, eager to capture even more of the unique moments and personalities that define this vibrant gathering. Each new opportunity to document the essence of this community fills me with excitement and inspiration, driving my ongoing commitment to this enriching project.

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